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Digital service in Quest & Go mobile app

To develop an aggregator or develop a mobile service, first that you need to think about the market. What we did:

After which it was decided to create a mobile service application aggregator that includes the following functions:

the ability to register and authorize two types of users;
Personal accounts of users;
The ability to display events and organizations on a city map;
Booking and reservation of time;
Online payment including through Apple Pay;
The recall function after attending an event.

Парень и девушка с точкой на карте

What in the end we did to create a technological service:
Conducted market analysis:

Modeled the economy and types of competitive environments;
Developed terms of reference and UX / UI application design;
Designed a database in MySQL and implemented a PHP server;
Made an administrative panel on React;
Developed a mobile application in the native language SWIFT;
Placed in the App Store.

Want to create an aggregator in a mobile application?

We know how to create a service aggregator. If you have an idea for creating a digital service of services or a mobile application for the service, then do not hesitate to leave a request now. You will take the right step to start developing your own mobile service. Gain a reliable partner in the face of a team that has positive experience in digital services services.

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