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Aggregator application for booking USAvia flights

интерфейс мобильного агрегатора

The main goal is to develop a mobile aggregator service for travelers who are looking for cheap flights with low-cost airlines in Europe and America

What tasks were set before the development of the aggregator:

Develop a convenient and understandable UX / UI interface;
Take into account the specifics of the foreign segment;
Take into account the color palette and the audience’s love for certain color palettes;
Integrate the travelpayouts.com portal box solution

экран мобильного iphone6 с удобным интерфейсом мобильного приложения
Самолет на белом фоне, интерфейс мобильного приложения агрегатора
интерфейс мобильного агрегатора

What they did to create a service aggregator:

Created the design of the application;
Developed an application in the SWIFT language;
Integrated boxed solution with travelpayouts.com service
We selected key ASO queries to optimize the application in three languages;
Translated the application into 12 languages.

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