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    What tools we use to create digital projects

    We achieve results when implementing digital projects using a combination of various tools from audience analysis to mobile application design, with chat bots and staff training


    We research the market, target audience and existing infrastructure in order to find the most effective application of efforts


    We provide comprehensive consulting support to business at the stage of searching for new directions and the stage of implementing this direction


    We form the goals of the metrics and indicators of the future result. We create an implementation plan and describe an action plan to achieve the result


    We create digital products that change the user experience of the audience and distinguish the business from the market of competitors

    Completed digital projects

    Дизайн интерфейса мобильного приложения по доставке еды

    Online Consumer Aggregator

    The mobile application of the brand Marina Vovchenko

    Сола Монова с телефоном Apple в руках и мобильным приложением Сола книги

    How to gather the target audience in one place?

    экран мобильного iphone6 с удобным интерфейсом мобильного приложения

    Booking aggregator application

    Development technology startups

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    Cloudgroup.pro is a community of experts that has grown out of a mobile app development studio. For five years, we have created 60+ projects, found professionals from different fields of knowledge, which allows us to create almost any digital projects with guaranteed results

    Integrated work with the idea

    We consider the idea from different angles, ask questions and attract niche experts


    If we see that the project is a failure, we will openly warn about this before starting work

    Business approach

    We are interested in the ongoing project to bring you income or create business value


    We advise during the implementation of the entire project, and after its completion


    We speak the client’s language, promptly respond to requests, constructively conduct a dialogue

    Expert base

    More than 1000 experts from various niches who are ready to give advice on the project

    We know how to turn an idea into a startup business model

    Leave a request and create your digital project with us. Leaving your contact information, you get a whole team of experts aimed at creating the best project in one window. If some specialist is not in our team, we will find the best for you

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