Cases of technological startups

мобильное приложение футбольного клуба чертаново

Creation of the closed social network Chertanovo

Дизайн интерфейса мобильного приложения по доставке еды

Online Consumer Aggregator

The mobile application of the brand Marina Vovchenko

экраны мобильного приложения дизайн

Application aggregator-service Wait for me

Сола Монова с телефоном Apple в руках и мобильным приложением Сола книги

How to gather the target audience in one place?

экран мобильного iphone6 с удобным интерфейсом мобильного приложения

Booking aggregator application

Digital service services in a mobile application

Innovative Technology Business Reboozone

стемфорд облоэка экрана мобильного приложения

Educational startup ANO “ENANO”

Do you want to develop a technological startup similar in functionality to one of the presented ones?

We can run turnkey technology startups and transfer them to mobile applications. Having left the application now, you will take the first step before starting the development of a startup. Get a reliable partner in the face of a team that has positive experience in developing mobile applications and launching turnkey startups.

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