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Innovative technology business built on the basis of the existing studio Reboozone

The idea of developing a mobile application was based on several main business tasks:

expand the client base with the ability to scale the business to the European and American market;
gather a loyal customer base and determine the most profitable cities for scaling franchise yoga clubs;
go beyond offline classes and provide a tool for doing yoga anywhere, anytime;
create a tool for trainers with which you can create a workout in a few clicks.

What work have we done to develop a technology business:

Collected requirements and developed a list of requirements;
Conducted a study and identified segments of the audience;
They formed hypotheses without investing money and received pre-orders;
Implemented UX / UI application design taking into account the features of the Google and Apple platforms;
Created a database and wrote back-end in PHP;
Programmed applications in the cross-platform language React-native;
Created a description and selected keywords for further ASO optimization;

Functional filling technological business ideas:

A catalog of asanas with all the necessary information for proper execution;
Designer creating yoga workouts;
Administrative panel for owners of the Reboozone club;
Personal account of the user and teacher;
Functional registration and authorization, including through social networks;
Auto-subscription functionality for Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Want to develop a mobile learning app?

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