CloudGroup team began operations in 2014

During this time, we went through fire and water, from simple services for developing mobile applications to professionals who help launch a startup

Our team:

Our team does not just implement applications and start-ups according to the technical specifications. We become a reliable partner and assistant in making complex decisions that arise during the implementation of the project!

CEO и основатель Павел Михайлов

Pavel Mikhaylov

CEO, tracker

Makes complexity simple, creates products

Аналитик команды Рустем Мухамадиев

Rustem Mukhamadiev

Business processes
Ангелина Стругова Директор по группе клиентов

Angelina Strugova

Communications and PR
Александр Толкачев Бренд директор команды

Alexander Tolkachev

Branding and positioning
Арт-директор команды

Anastasia Tolkacheva

Design and analytics
Виктор Кораблев, разработчик на wordpress

Victor Korablev


Feedback from those who have already worked with us

Our mission

To help owners, entrepreneurs, businessmen, investors and start-up teams create and market high-quality cool products that drive the industry, develop the economy, improve the world

Our goal is to reduce the likelihood of project death at every stage of its creation.

We have been developing for five years and we have seen from our own experience that most projects die almost immediately after entering the market. They do not receive proper attention and do not live up to the expectations of the founders. Entrepreneurs invest time, money and effort, and in the end get broken expectations

Technologies that we own and use when creating a turnkey startup

логотип языка программирования Python
на иконке яблоко Apple зяык программирования Objective-c
язык программирования flutter
Язык программирования Swift белая чайка на оранжевом фоне
язык программирования php три буквы в фиолетовом овале
язык программирования Kotlin
язык программирования
кит с контейнерами docker
фреймворк laravel

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