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Educational startup ANO “ENANO”

Stemford.org online educational platform for children in a mobile application

We were set an ambitious goal to develop our own online learning platform for primary school children

How we developed an educational startup stemford.org for ANO ENANO

took requirements and developed a list of requirements;
Wrote a technical task;
Implemented a convenient UX interface;
Implemented application design taking into account the features of the Guide Line platforms of Google and Apple;
Programmed applications in the cross-platform language Flutter;
Registered developer accounts and published mobile applications in the Play Store and App Store;
We connected the push notification service onesignal.ru

What functions did we put into developing the mobile application:

Registration and authorization, including one-click through social networks;
A showcase of content with video catalogs of the educational platform ANO ENANO;
Intuitive video lessons filter;
User’s personal account with the ability to change data in real time;
Push notifications and reminders, on request and on events.

Want to develop an educational startup for your subject?

We can do educational online startups and transfer them to mobile applications. Having left the application now, you will take the first step to start developing your own educational startup. Get a reliable partner in the face of a team that has positive experience in developing mobile applications for education.

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