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The mobile application of the brand Marina Vovchenko

The application of the famous personality of Marina Vovchenko Yoga Vovchenko for yoga


The goal was set as follows: “How to earn a media personality, except for advertising and how to expand the product line”

What they did to develop a branded mobile application:

We collected the requirements of the author and developed a list of 10 possible solutions to her problem;
We studied the features of the target audience;
Wrote a technical task;
Implemented a convenient UX interface;
Created a database server in PHP and wrote an API;
Programmed applications in Java and Objective-C;
Connected payment services Google and Apple;

Дизайн экранов мобильного приложения Сола Монова

Functions of the famous personality app:

Universal video search;
Video directory;
Catalog with asanas and a description of the implementation;
Automatic withdrawal of funds to the card upon reaching a certain milestone.

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