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Keesla.ru Online Consumer Aggregator

An online goods aggregator with more than 100,000 items of daily consumer goods with its own delivery system

The goals set before us:

Create a market place for the delivery of food to the door from the warehouses of suppliers;
Develop an aggregator filling system, an automation system for processing applications.

Дизайн интерфейса мобильного приложения по доставке еды

What they did to implement the goods aggregator:

Gathered requirements and studied the characteristics of the target audience;
Implemented a convenient UX interface;
Created a database, server, web application using the technology stack Node.JS + PostgreSQL + MongoDB, React.JS;
Programmed applications in Java and Objective-C.

Геймификация бизнеса с помощью мобильного приложения колеса фортуны

Functions of the online goods aggregator:

User registration using a phone number;
A mailing list for quick selection of delivery locations;
Pay for your order using Apple Pay;
Gamification of the application.

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