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Mobile application for the construction machinery service

The application is an aggregator of special construction equipment and special vehicles, with the function of booking time and online payment in the mobile application

Два телефона андроид и айфон и грузовики в интерфейсе мобильного приложения агрегатора
Грузовики в интерфейсе мобильного приложения

When developing an aggregator, the following features should be considered:

The location of each landlord to facilitate logistics;
Features of the requirements for services of different client segments;
The economy of the competitive environment created by the mobile service aggregator.

четыре экрана ux дизайна сервиса агрегатора в мобильном приложении

What we did to create a mobile service aggregator application:

Collected information on landlords and divided them into categories;
Identified types of customers and divided them into segments;
Designed a UX UI interface taking into account the features of the Google and Apple platforms;
Designed and developed a web-service, a lessor’s personal account;
Developed mobile applications in native languages SWIFT and Java;
Integrated with Atlassian JIRA CRM system;
Set up internal business processes using BPMN notation.

спецтехника в экране мобильного приложения агрегатора
Грузовики в интерфейсе мобильного приложения

How to create a service aggregator or what you should think about first of all:

Create a catalog and think through intuitive filters;
Take into account the location of the customer’s location and share with the order point;
Consider the logistics of equipment delivery and its location;
Form understandable service / product cards;
Create a system of reviews and suggestions;
Create a scoring system for ranking organizations and creating an internal competitive environment;
Consider customer ratings and their impact on the scoring system;
Create an environment economy to earn aggregator;
Make a convenient user booking experience;
To consider the internal content of personal accounts, each of the audience segment, including landlords.

Want to create a mobile application for the service?

We know how to create a service aggregator. If you have an idea for creating a digital service of services or a mobile application for the service, then do not hesitate to leave a request now. You will take the right step to start developing your own mobile service. Gain a reliable partner in the face of a team that has positive experience in digital services services.

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