Mobile application for the brand of the poetess Sola Monova poems

Digital library of copyright texts of the most famous poetess of Runet Julia Solomonova

Сола монова в интерфейсе мобильнго приложения
Тексты и названия стихов в мобильном интерфейсе

The author set the following goal: “To gather the target audience in one place”

From the abundance of social networks, as a result of a scattered audience, the main problem arises – to notify the audience on time. This problem is faced by brand identity, brands and ambassadors. The consequence of this problem is – not received profit

После проведенных исследований приняли решение создать мобильное приложение бренда Сола Монова, которое решало бы следующие задачи:

Make a digital library of copyright texts;
To think through an intuitive search for more than 5,000 poems of the author;

Дизайн экрана аудиозаписей мобильного приложеия Сола Монова
UX дизайн экранов мобильного приложения Сола Монова
Дизайн экрана поделиться в мобильном приложении Сола Монова

What have we done to develop the Sola Monova brand mobile app:

UX / UI design of a mobile application;
We studied the features of the target audience;
Created a database server in PHP using CMS October;
Programmed applications in native Java and Objective-C languages;
Created a description and selected keywords for further ASO optimization;
Connected payment services Google and Apple;
Created an online store based on;
Connected Cloudpayments payment service;
Set up integration with AMOCRM and Telegramm.

Functions of the famous personality app:

Intuitive search for verses;
Filtering texts by categories and hashtags;
Audio player;
Selected poems;
Subscription Apple and Google.

Экран фильтрации стихов дизайн мобильного приложения Сола Монова

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