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BIOtime employee control service

Developed a mobile application for the Biotime service – a service for monitoring employees at the workplace

The main objective of the project was the development of a mobile service application for an existing business, namely:

Create an additional technological service based on the existing employee control service;

Create a convenient and intuitive tool in a mobile application that can be distributed using mobile advertising

What we did to create an application for the service:

Implemented UX / UI application design taking into account the features of the Google and Apple platforms;

Programmed applications in native Java and ObjectiveC languages;

Integrated by API with Biotime enterprise solution server;

Conducted testing and launched a mobile application on the market.

Дизайн экрана сервиса контроля сотрудников
три мобильных телефона
интерфейс мобильного приложения контроля сотрудников

What functions are needed to create a control application:

User registration via phone number;

Access to geolocation of each user during working hours;

Determination of the geo-location when leaving the workplace;

Statistics on absenteeism and on time come;

Separation of functional between employees and management positions;

Manager interface with the ability to separate control departments;

Calendar of passes and visits;

Push notifications that warn the manager about the absence of an employee in the workplace.

Want to create an employee control service in a mobile application?

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