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AVDmotors Auto Parts Mobile Application

Creation of applications for the selection and order of auto parts

главная страница приложения автозапчастей
каталог шин в мобильном приложении автозапчастей

The goals of the mobile application for buying auto parts:

Provide a convenient search tool for partners and customers of the company;
Implement a convenient personal account with the display of all necessary documents;
Provide an intuitive search for auto parts by company customers;
Create a non-contact payment method for customer orders.

What they did to create an auto parts application:

Redesign of the UX / UI interface of the existing platform;
Refactoring code that came from previous developers;
Improvements and technical support for the application.

Страницы информации в мобильном приложении автозапчастей

Features of the mobile parts application:

The ability to register in a mobile application;
All users are stored in a centralized company database;
Division of users into groups;
Search the catalog of spare parts with advanced functionality;
Integration with the auto parts catalog allowed;
Implemented its own database, containing a huge number of tires and wheels;
Integration of the company news feed with reference to the push notification function.

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