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Application Aggregator Wait for me

Developed a mobile application for the service of the television company VID

The goals set before developing the service in a mobile application:

Create a service aggregator with the ability to quickly generate an application to search for a missing person;
Provide the ability to notify the user of the service about finding a person.

UX карта экранов мобильного приложения жди меня

What we did to develop a service in a mobile application:

We wrote a technical task and formed a UX map of the mobile application interface;
Programmed applications in Java and Objective-C;
Integrated with the main portal https://poisk.vid.ru/
We created a description and selected keywords for further ASO optimization.

экраны мобильного приложения дизайн

Service functions in the mobile application:

Authorization of users using login and password, including using FB, VK and Google;
Registration of user accounts with a personal account;
Directory of missing people with filter and search;
The function of adding an application to search for a person;
Television program catalog;
Push alerts when a person is found.

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